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shallowwater 833 days ago | link | parent

[reads all the comments about how no one wants ladies in their field anyway]

And people wonder why the ladies don't want to hang out with you kids all day. Could it be that ladies are smart enough to figure out when and where they are unwelcome? UNPOSSIBLE

signed, a lady who is interested in programming

jcoglan 833 days ago | link

This needs to be at the top of the thread, rather than all the formal-logic-obsessed debate-club navel-gazing currently sitting there.


shallowwater 833 days ago | link

Thank you for your kind words. I confess that I am completely taken aback that in 2012 there are still people postulating that women are not capable of or inclined toward intellectually rigorous or difficult work.

Oh those ladies and their feeble, overheating lady-brains!


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