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Here's a question about blocks: should they even have return values? I was wondering about that because (1) they are supposed to have an equivalence with a code sequence and code sequences don't have values and (2) one awkward difference between blocks and closures is that a closure can return a value early whereas a block can only (as I understand) return the last value of its body.

Edit: Also, as I think about it, one could maybe argue that closures are to expressions as blocks are to statements. In which case, it seems that blocks should never be bound to values but things that invoke blocks should only be able to do so as in the Ruby 'yield' where the block is implicit. You could then avoid the whole escaping problem.

Edit: And further, a thing which invokes a block should maybe belong to yet another category from closures and blocks? In a sense, such a thing is analogous to:

    for (...)

    if (...)
In other words, such a thing is half-a-statement. You have to append a block to make a whole statement. :)

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