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In the spirit of brainstorming, I think it’s cool to come up with some cases and ask, “what if?” In Yehuda’s article, he gives:

  withFile: function(block) {
    try {
      var f = File.open(this.name, "r");
    } finally {
This is interesting: “block” appears to be a “callable” object. How does the code know whether it will be a block or a function? Can you assign the block parameter to a variable? Pass it to another function? What about:

  function firstClass (block) { return block; }
Can I do this? If so:

  var thisIsaBlock = firstClass { |x| return x; }
And we’re off the rails. Or worse:

  (function () {

    var local = ‘0xDEADBEEF';

    return firstClass { || local }
If I am reading the code example correctly and my inference holds, then either (a) you have to do a lot of escape analysis to make this work, or (b) you get lazy and allow programmers to pass blocks around but emit an exception if you try to call a block once its lambda environment has already returned.

I guess I need to read the whole proposal... I am sure this has been addressed.

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