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Lost Ark was developed and published by Smilegate in Korea for three years before Amazon published it in the west. Saying that they developed it is not really accurate.

Better examples of games developed by Amazon Game Studios would be Lost World or Crucible.

I was thinking of "new world" when I wrote the comment. It's essentially the most "design by committee" MMO possible, and the reviews reflect the poor attempt.

Weirdly, MMOs actually fit Amazon's business model better than off the shelf games. You pay for access, like Amazon prime. I'm surprised they didn't bundle in new world into prime membership as a way of catapulting their video game unit expansion. That's much more their modus operandi; expand first and just the intense scale to force improvement over time.


I've never played it, so I can't comment personally, but New World has allegedly gotten significantly better recently (according to people I know who do play it) and has "Very Positive" recent reviews on Steam.

Also, AGS is making a single player game, at least according to this press release:


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