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>> Once you go through few interviews you get less anxious about the next one.

That's not really practice, it's actual experience.

It's also not guaranteed to improve your skills, it might make it worse if you have a bad experience. When that happens it's easy to make generalisations about the next ones. That's actually somewhat descriptive of where anxiety really comes from, antecipating the unknown.

That's not really practice, it's actual experience.

All practice is merely experience. The only way to practice any skill is to use that skill and get better at it.

But there's a great deal of difference between shooting targets and real combat, punchbags and live oponents, ball throwing machine and live adversary just as much as doing whiteboard problems by yourself and during an interview.

It's not the same experience.

Then interview more :) I had the fortunate experience of being forced to go through 50+ job interviews during college, and nowadays it's not the least bit stressful. I think I get more anxious driving than interviewing.

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