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> This is nothing but a post glorifying Ruby and bashing JS for not being Ruby.

People would like JavaScript to be more like Ruby, idiomatic Perl 6 resembles Ruby… Maybe we need a new law: «widely used programming languages are modified until they resemble Ruby». :)

> «widely used programming languages are modified until they resemble Ruby»

This is an interesting observation, and it has echoes of Greenspun's Tenth Rule. I'm not sure exactly how true the statement is, but I suppose it used to be (or still is?) the case that the same thing could've been said with C in place of Ruby.

Everything's converging towards CLispScript: http://www.jerf.org/iri/post/2908

Ah, yes. Jerf's CLispScript Principle of Descriptive Programming Linguistics: Any sufficiently popular language contains as many practical features as possible with a C++esque syntax bolted on, and is approximately the same as contemporary sufficiently popular languages.

It should be noted that sufficiently popular languages incorporate as many buzzwords and design patterns as possible, which I suppose can be accounted for as 'features'.

(Excellent article, by the way).

I personally believe (hope) that all languages try to become Smalltalk. :)

And Ruby resembles Perl and Smalltalk.

I like it, but I stick with Perl because it adds the OO stuff with Moose and being an older project has made more mistakes that have been fixed. Oh and CPAN of course,

Still telling people to either learn Ruby, if they want to get up to speed quickly. Else I tell them to learn Perl. It's a bit harder to learn, but easier to use. Well for some people (linguists, etc.) Perl is easier to learn too.

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