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I know this is a rant, but I get tired of companies with $750k worth of "department heads" and "managers of x" all balanced on re-purposed open source software that was never meant to do what they're trying to do.

Listen: fire a pair of "department heads", hire a pair of very good coders from the community surrounding the project you're trying to use and make the changes you want. Bonus points for giving back those changes to the project when you're done.

Bitching that the free software you tried to perch your business on isn't meeting your needs is just bad form.

I agree. My agency has developed and hosts about 40 WordPress sites for corporate, NPO and start up type businesses. They range from hundreds of pages of complex e-commerce to actual blogs and micro-sites. We have serious PHP devs in house and we write and maintain our own plugins that do everything from talk to Facebook and Twitter to create Google maps and manage complex event registration and payment forms. We also contribute to the core.

WordPress is the best choice for our clients, because it's easy for them to use, FULL STOP.

Enhancing that great UX with our own sauce is hard work, but it pays of for them in the day-to-day and for us in the long run. (Referrals and repeat business.)

The OP may have left the building, but WordPress is sticking around for a long time.

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