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(Although it has it share of cons too, it can do many of the items on the list. Some require coercing, but doable.)

edit, in progress:

- Document management- No, not Word, Excel files etc. but can do revisions/diffs on site content, and manage files to some degree.

- Workflow management- http://drupal.org/project/workflow

- Digital asset management- http://drupal.org/project/media

- Link management - http://drupal.org/project/pathauto and others... not sure what you need here.

- User management - Default may do what you need, can do more.

- ESI Caching / CDN ability. - (no esi in drupal 7) / http://drupal.org/project/cdn

- WYSIWYG editing- Many options but sometimes flaky.

- Single Sign-on- http://drupal.org/project/bakery

- Multi-side Admin - Not sure. Different user groups can have different access.

- Publishing options - Quite a few. what do you need?

- Access Management - http://drupal.org/project/acl and more.

- Application - ?

- Multi-lingual - http://drupal.org/project/i18n

- n-to-n content sharing- user to user sharing?

- Reporting - what kind?

Disclaimer: I've used it for a few projects; More experience than word-press or joomla.

Disclaimer: i've used Drupal for a couple of projects and I like it for its easyness for noncoder, this is just about the cons: Drupal is very good and powerful (i think the best part is the ability to create custom contents with CCK - now included in core in D7), surely more "CMS" than WP, but it's far from being perfect. As someone wrote in another comment, sometimes it's a nightmare (theming or just finding the right module and hoping it wont give you problems with other modules). There are also people saying it has become more and more overbloated http://www.unleashedmind.com/en/blog/sun/the-drupal-crisis others stating that it's better to move to more developing oriented framework: http://erickennedy.org/Drupal-7-Reasons-to-Switch and big consulting company that has worked with Drupal and is now moving to other: http://drupalradar.com/breaking-development-seed-quits-drupa...

I think every single CMS/platform/framework can be criticized or even demonized if you search well.

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