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You may well be right, but I think you should have disclosed your status in the concrete5 community and the fact that you've contributed code to concrete5 and created the blog app.

Mostly because as a first-time poster, no-one knows you here and it would be good to see some impartiality or at least a critical argument about what sets concrete5 apart in respect to addressing the concerns of the article.

buro9, I guess I should have, but i merely stated that a CMS that i know and actively develop for vs. one that the OP is apparently unhappy with. I'm not a bot trying to funnel people into concrete5, I merely intended to provide an alternative without jumping down OP's throat with a canned "critical argument" because I am not a concrete5 evangelist or anything of that sort.

Heh. I'm sure no one else posting in these threads has any sort of deep ties to the software they're recommending.

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