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Then the author should migrate his own blog from WP.

Why? Just because he is no longer using it for business purposes doesn't mean it isn't still perfect for what it was designed to do, blogging.

I think he means if you are going to hate, hate on it all the way.

"I love WordPress. With it, I have felt a genuine affinity for a product the likes of which is matched only by my Commodore64."

Who's hating?

>"It will be exceptionally strange for me to no longer recommend WordPress."

So presumably this is hyperbole and you'd still recommend it, only for a more limited range of sites.

The big question, as others have said I think, is what do you now recommend?

While I disagree with the author, he acknowledges that WP is good for blogging. He's arguing that it's not suitable as a general purpose CMS (for his clients).

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