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He also makes the point that Apple is a retail store where you are the customer and Google is building a advertising platform where you are the number in a spreadsheet of a guy who sells ad space.

It's a fair point. Android isn't free. Sooner or later people will realize that they're the product. Google is building/has an amazing database of your life, your browsing habits, your app habits, your emails, your calendar, all of it hooked up to your phone when you first turn it on.

They make literally billions helping advertisers find you.

Apple makes billions selling hardware.

Honestly, I prefer the demon I know. I have no idea what Google is doing and is capable of, and what decisions they will make in the future with my data to protect their advertising revenue.

With Apple it's simple. They want me to buy another device, and they're willing to make a good enough device to convince me to upgrade.

If you don't like what Google is doing with Android, install a custom ROM. You can recompile it and strip out any code that you don't approve of.

Try doing that on your iPhone.

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