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Worst carrier? By what metric? Data started to degrade on AT&T mostly because the suddenly popularity of smart phones people actually wanted to use for music, video, web. I was on AT&T before the iPhone was announced after switching between T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon.

Also, I believe Apple talked to Verizon first about the iPhone but they wouldn't play ball.

Worst carrier on the front end and the back. Your personal experience may be the way you measure carriers - however all metric based analysis shows AT&T as being the worst overall (data, voice, customer service).

Clearly you did not read the article with regards to my "Google took the shot..." comment. What I meant was that Google attempted to break the carrier model, as clearly explained by MG. Apple, on the other hand, embraced business as usual in terms of how consumers buy a phone - with the exception of wanting to sell the phone within their boutique stores. However, the latter doesn't help the consumer in any way other than buying experience (which is an entirely different topic).

Not sure why I just wasted brain cycles on the unsubstantiated or informed commmenter, but - at least I clarified. o_O

Could you waste some more brain cycles and add some links to these studies that show AT&T had the worst everything around 2007 when the iPhone came out?


It's called Google and there's an option to search within date ranges. Highly complex stuff - AT&T has consistently rated among the bottom rungs of providers since, well, forever. Sure - they've gotten a bone thrown to them a time or two based on regional comparisons (Southwest US is where they've been known to have better service), but overall they've pretty much sucked. Just like your uninformed comments.

Having used Tmobile for years, AT&T is NOT the worst carrier. Even here in SF, AT&T is better than tmobile in terms of indoor data delivery.

If you had better visibility in the transport and spectrum viability for capacity and future upgrades you might think otherwise. Again, just a comment based on perception than "actuality".

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