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No, it's not. It works like it's suppossed to do for any (not actual regex) /d+ \/ /d+ . See screenshot here: http://imgur.com/gwlHJ

Fonts supporting the frac feature have a separate set of smaller numbers, and these get dynamically composed into fractions once you type them.

Maybe things will change with how the browser implements fractions but 112/3 = 11(2/3) and 3431/5147 = 3431/5147 (there is no 1/5) http://imgur.com/a/4FFNy

Edit: Spelling.

That's actually an issue with that specific font. Try editing the first Verdana Example (3/4 Ale..), that works for me for 1234/5678.

Got me; I tested 3431/4147 and then made an error when posting a comment; this is my original screenshot: http://imgur.com/MajJD

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