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So it seems like we now have two way of specifying small caps:

  font-feature-settings: "smcp=1”;

  font-variant: small-caps;
The later is the CSS 2.1 syntax, and will force the browser to create small caps on its own if the chosen font doesn't contain small caps glyphs.

The Open Type version is probably better, since it falls back to lower case glyphs if the browser doesn't support them, instead of an emulated version that probably won't be very legible.

There was also an existing CSS implementation of ligatures:

  font-variant-ligatures: [ common-ligatures | additional-ligatures | historical-ligatures | normal | inherit ];
See http://marc.baffl.co.uk/browser_bugs/css-ligatures.html for a working example. Webkit seems to ignore it; Gecko has an incomplete implementation (common-ligatures works).

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