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Guys, the sections change to display the actual features when you hover over them with the mouse.

I literally spent the better part of 5 minutes reading the text and comparing Chrome, IE, and Firefox to search for the kerning changes and fractions support, because I just couldn't see it.. Until I accidentally hovered over the sections and the content changed to match.

Sad that all this mystery meat is making a comeback on the web. http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/mysterymeatnavigation.html

I agree, had no idea what was going on (figured I didn't have IE so it wouldn't show) until I read your comment.

Some of the examples are too subtle for this flashy animations (like kerning) and some just look bad (like the word affluent in ligatures).

Otherwise, pretty cool to see though.

I thought the ligature examples looked pretty bad as well. It may have just been the font they used.

Yeah, the /fl/, /ffl/ ligatures in that font are atrocious.

Hoefler Text has much nicer ones: http://imgur.com/ofE3Z

Odd, no hovering necessary for me. Perhaps it's changed since.

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