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The web is well overdue for proper typography.

I suspect the more likely median result will be a decline in typographic standards, like what happened immediately after desktop-publishing software became widespread: huge overuse of newly available features just to use them, gratuitous mixing of five typefaces in a document, etc.

I think we hit that point years ago with sFIR and it should have worn off by now.

See also: Widespread use of Comic Sans.

Even if you're in a rare situation where you can't make do with Helvetica or Georgia or one of the other standard fonts, the long load time that your custom font imposes is going to affect my impression of your page much more than any improvement in readability or expression that the font may provide. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression.

Of course this only applies to the copy in the body of the page. Using @font-face for logos, buttons, or even headings, isn't going to impose the performance hit (if you only include in the font file the characters that you use) that a whole page's worth of text would.

Browsers should [edit: have an option to] download and load fonts after the page.

Then you've got a flash of unstyled content, which just looks plain ugly.

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