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I wonder if this explains the ugly non-aliased text I see so often with chrome.

I'm pretty sure that's the renderer and has nothing to do with opentype support.

Do you know if there's a specific reason why the renderer is showing non smooth text?

The render is OS-dependent. On which operating system do you experience this issue?

Can't speak for the OP but I see it on Windows XP with cleartype turned on when viewing webfonts.

Rendering of web fonts on Windows XP is one big issue that there are solutions for but it really takes a lot of tweaking. First, it starts with a well designed and created font. Second, hinting can be applied that helps shift around the pixels on the screen to better map the outlines to the pixels on the screen, ClearType does help in some instances but mostly with small text, using tricks like sending WOFF/CFF to turn on GDI grayscale anti-aliasing is another that is employed when a font is a certain size - usually larger sizes.

Its one big issue and one that all of us web font service providers are trying to help solve. If we all had the resources we would be sending down one specific version for each browser / OS and screen setting combination. But that is pretty prohibitive. We are starting to see better renders built into the browsers and some tweaks that the folks at Webkit, Mozilla and IE are making.

Windows XP's version of ClearType doesn't respect hinting in the Y-direction, which gives you those horrible jaggies on typefaces that aren't designed with this in mind.

Chrome does suck at rendering. Not just the fonts. I recently found a bug where Chrome constantly eats 12% of an 8-core CPU because of an animated GIF, some transparency and shadows. The latest IE and FF have no such problems.

I'm a Chrome user btw.

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