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Does anyone understand why ligatures do not appear to work on Webkit? From what I understand, setting "text-rendering: optimizeLegibility" should enable ligatures on Webkit [1], but I cannot see them on Chrome and Safari where I do see them on Firefox.

[1] https://developer.mozilla.org/en/CSS/text-rendering

If the text is styled with a font that has common ligatures, then "text-rendering: optimizeLegibility" does enable them for me. Doesn't seem to enable discretionary ligatures, which is what the liga=1 thing does in IE and Firefox (which have common ligatures on by default to start with).

Chrome/Webkit will start to support the OpenType features version 18 from what I have seen - no idea about Safari yet. The current Canary build has support built into it but at this time it is only for Windows and not on the Mac. Not sure about the issues around the Mac and why they might not support it out of the gate but I assume they are working on it.

They will use the -webkit- prefix for the font-feature-settings. So like most new things we will have -webkit -ms and -moz until it settles down.

Sorry I should have said Chrome 15+ on Windows. I was thinking of another feature in the Canary build.

So today you can use the -webkit-font-settings to get some of the OpenType features into Chrome for Windows today

A quick look at their code samples reveals the issue samples - as browsers have not yet standardized the syntax, in order to use this feature you need to use versions of the CSS property names with browser-specific prefixes for example (for Firefox) "-moz-font-feature-settings" instead of just "font-feature settings". For some reason, this demo doesn't include the "-webkit"-prefixed versions - might be they don't exist, might be Microsoft's people just didn't think to.

That was exactly my question: is this one of those rare cases where IE10 is "ahead" of Webkit (and thus Chrome)? The fact that Firefox supports it too rules out the notion that this could just be some crackpot Microsoft-only technology like DX transforms. My question remains: does Webkit not yet support this?

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