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Show HN: Send an email to push@gitmanual.org or ls-tree@gitmanual.org
24 points by Loic 2168 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
This is a small service for poorly connected users who can access the web only in a limited way. You just send an email to "gitcommand@gitmanual.org" and get back the corresponding manual page in a nice HTML format.

So if you want help on the branch command, just branch@gitmanual.org.

Your email address is not stored, no logs are kept.

I'm curious, is there a significant number of people who need the manual for a git command, but can't do `git help command`?

But you do not have it in a nicely easy to read HTML format. This is for my brother, he works for the nuclear industry where the web is a white listed list of sites. He cannot even access http://gitmanual.org

In a not so sensitive area (bank, insurance), I know a couple of people without real web access.

If that's the case, could there be an option for just say 'all@gitmanual.org' and have it return a ZIP file of all of the commands nicely zipped?

This would be a 6MB file, why not. But not yet, I am getting a lot of emails because of HN so better waiting a bit before receiving 100's of all@gitmanual.org requests :)

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