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The Anorexic Startup: A Tale of Sex, Drugs, and C++ (theanorexicstartup.com)
5 points by NYCTech on Jan 8, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Wow that was a great read, I like the part where the receptionist tells him that he was a horrible boss and tells him to read the disastrous press running on the front page of the wall street journal. At a certain level, I feel for him, it must have been a roller-coaster, but I feel more for the developers that pulled an all nighter and he still felt that they needed to work the afternoon, because unemployment was high and they should consider themselves lucky. When a person only draws a salary they work to live, not live to work, the author should remember that in future ventures. If you want sleep deprivation dedication consider giving up some equity. He does not mention whether he did so. But by the way he portrays himself in the article I am left to assume that they where probably not receiving an equity stake.

I'm pretty sure it's fictionalized.

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