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"But before you can do that, you need to figure out which package you want. The crucial factor is that in order to open a bank account, you will need a printed Certificate of Incorporation."

This is not true. I have registered a few companies and not once did they care about the printed certificate. They will call Companies House or email them and confirm you are a director and the company exists.

Note: My bank is Lloyds TSB.

Ah, your experience differs from mine, then. Every time I opened a bank account (HSBC and Lloyds too) they asked for a copy of the printed certificate of incorporation. Maybe it depends on your branch?

Yep, they'd need to be happy with it, even, as you don't get a printed one nowadays if you register directly with Companies House online! :-)

I opened a business account with Lloyds last month and they were happy with an electronic copy of the certificate.

I've updated the article to mention this. Thanks for bringing it up!

Santander were perfectly happy with a printed copy of the electronic version

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