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After re-reading the Manager's Amendment, I think that quote is no longer applicative. It looks like allowing user generated/submitted content is no longer enough under SOPA.

However, it's a good thing that language was removed! So perhaps, this is an example of the benefit of the outrage over this bill. But at what point do we look back and decide that the changes are sufficient and stop the mob?

Decide the changes are sufficient? That seems to assume there's some basic core of SOPA that we agree is good. I'm not sure a lot of people really believe SOPA has a good core. There might be good intentions behind it from some parties, but it seems like if you get rid of all the harmful parts, you still aren't left with anything good. You need to establish that the bill is necessary and beneficial, not just that it isn't completely radioactively harmful.

Also, even if SOPA is defeated or rendered toothless, the AAs will just keep trying to ram their insane demands through Congress. Our representatives need to really understand that the cartel lobbyists don't represent the will of the people, and we won't accomplish that by shrugging and saying, "Eh, good enough."

I think most people believe that their intentions of stopping the real rogue sites (like those russian sites that sell mp3s for 10 cents each and stopping sites that peddle counterfeit, and sometimes dangerous goods) are good.

Personally, I'm not sure what to believe; I think some probably have good intentions but I don't trust the MPAA/RIAA at all and there's enough money moving around to be very skeptical of the rest. I think the parts of the bill that target the "counterfeit goods" sites are probably necessary, but as `dissident` points out, its possible that the consequences to DNS and CDNs outweigh the benefits (but Im not convinced yet :)

Regarding your second point, that is what I was getting at earlier in this thread: that as long as we rely on DNS, there will always be an opportunity for censorship. The tech-savvy need to start looking into `namecoin` and other DNS alternatives if we want to guarantee freedom.

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