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I would, if Spotify was available in my country.

> they'd likely prefer to force users to jump through the hoops of pirating music

A side effect of which probably would be more users becoming “torrent-educated”.

Also, there's a huge difference between listening to music only on Grooveshark, and having the tracks (CD) bought and lying around on your drive. In the first case you don't own the music.

If you're downloading it, however, the difference almost vanishes, and you have much less reason to pay. You have the files already—so are able to listen without the connection, put it on your player, etc. Like you've bought the music, but without the money.

A side effect of which probably would be more users becoming “torrent-educated”.

Agree. Grooveshark is a top1000 site. I don't think the MI realizes the temperature of the fire that they're playing with here, the media backlash will be significant.

And more importantly they're actively tingling the senses of countless hackers to build a free spotify on top of a P2P network.

Good luck putting that cat back into its bag...

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