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I have a small nit to pick in an otherwise great post: Codecademy is not the same as Code Academy.

It's also noteworthy that codecademy.com ranks higher than codeacademy.org in the google search for "Code Academy".

Well played indeed.

It's practically impossible to reverse engineer the SERP, but if you look at the Domain Authority for both codecademy.com and codecademy.org, you'll find that the former is orders of magnitude higher (65 vs 35). This might explain a lot.


You can also lookup how many inbound links the sites have using different anchor text like "Code Academy".

I think Codecademy needs to get CodeAcademy.com as soon as they can.. otherwise they're gonna rely on mostly search traffic to get visitors since most ppl won't remember their url

It seems that they do already - see http://www.codeacademy.com

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