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I don't really recognize that picture. Besides the sexism, which is an issue (but by far not exclusive to Reddit), all the rest of that shit gets downvoted into oblivion by the community at large.


I don’t think I have to expand on that.

Well, it's obvious that it is a joke. Although racially based, still a joke. Or an attempt of one.

I'm generally of the opinion that racist jokes are not as far separated from actual racism as the joke teller would like themselves to believe.

Same goes for sexism, ageism, etc etc.

I used to crack jokes about black people back in college (of the same character that ugh linked to) - I didn't think it was racism, after all I didn't actually have anything against black people, right? Then I graduated, moved to another city, and made a lot of black friends that bucked the stereotypes so dramatically that now I find the same jokes at least mildly offensive.

Racism is a spectrum, it isn't as binary as "lynch 'em" vs. "I love them", there are many shades of gray, and many places where you're subtly contributing to it by believing in, and spreading extremely damaging stereotypes.

So, what do you think of Dave Chappelle?

Well, first of all it’s a bad joke. It’s not funny. Variants of it are repeated over and over and over.

Second, it’s indistinguishable from what a racist would say. There is no subversion.

That doesn't make it not racist though, and doesn't neccesarily make people any happier to read it than if it wasn't a joke.

Politically incorrect humor does not equal racism.

It seems "politically incorrect humor" has become the new code word for "racist jokes".

It’s a joke! Like on Top Gear!

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