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For anybody looking for solid tips on how to apply this attitude to their academics, I've found Cal Newport's blog* an invaluable resource. It's been linked to here before, mainly for its recent posts on 'deliberate practice' versus 'flow', but he also describes many strategies and tactics that high-scoring students at Ivy League-level universities use. They've helped me invaluably, and I find it a real pity that more students don't know about this writing.

[*] http://calnewport.com/blog/

I'm also a huge fan of that blog. This post is a favorite:


It redefined for me what it means to understand math.

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading how clearly and precisely he showed a way to master a difficult subject.

The white printer paper reminded me of that "end artificial scarcity" article.


Thanks for the link! Definitely adding this to my daily reading.

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