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Some criticisms on style:

- You said "you know" reflexively while she asked questions.

- You look young. The cool hair (which I like, personally) makes you look even younger.

- You bob your head.

- You mentioned PIPA without defining it. Most people you need to convince won't know what you're talking about.

- Emphasizing "One Million Dollars!" doesn't sound too huge compared with how often we hear "Billion" and "Trillion" thrown around in the news. LouisCK was great, and it's a good point, but I think it doesn't make the point you want to the people who don't already understand.

Some suggestions on content:

Play up "government intervention is bad" even more. The conservative electorate might be tough on crime, but they're also pro-business. Paint SOPA as a government-subsidized bailout intervention evil that is anti-business and taking away our constitutional rights.

People respect Google, and at least go "those people are smart!" even if they don't get the internet. A lot of conservatives got traction against Obamacare by saying "Doctors hate it, and we trust doctors." Play that up: Smart, innovative businesses like Google oppose this government intervention in the free market. We trust Google, etc. etc.

If I had one sentence to suggest it would be:

"SOPA lets the government intervene to take away the right to free speech from trusted businesses like Google that are the future of our economy, just to bail out the movie industry."

That's one hell of an oversimplification, but I think it's enough to perk up ears. This isn't defense spending - conservatives don't necessarily have any love for "Hollywood liberal PETA supporters" (as my mother puts it). In Hollywood versus Google, Google at least has "pro-business" points. The thing to remember is that if they don't get the internet, the won't get your explanation of any nuances.

"SOPA lets the government intervene [...] just to bail out the movie industry"

The implication here is that he movie industry is in trouble, and needs bailing out. And no-one wants to see the movie industry go under.

Does Hollywood really need a bail-out?

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