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Am I the only one that was upset at her seeming to dismiss you as a "hoodie wearing geek" at the end there?

I've been on a number of times (occasionally in a hoodie, which their producers really seemed to like and I'm certainly comfortable in) and decided I should dress a little better after my grandfather told me I "looked like a bum." He watched BloombergTV 24-7, so I figured he's a good representation of the demo.

She's just teasing - she's the one who invited me on as their tech contributor in the first place: http://search1.bloomberg.com/search/?content_type=all&pa...

I don't believe anyone should be judged on their attire, but if it'll get some people to listen, so it goes.

would go whole hog and get someone from the SOPA PR swat team to help you pick an interview suit/blazer - looked OK, but would get a solid red tie, and something about the shirt collar and suit looked a little out of whack. Only superficial people don't judge by appearances LOL (Wilde)

agree with what other people said about tightening up talking points - wouldn't hesitate to give specific examples about your own companies and the services people use that would be turned off if someone does something stupid, reviews, social networking sites etc.,

as other people said, would try to focus your attention on the interviewer and the camera like they're two friends you're engaging, avoid looking around into space.

good camera presence, good job!

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