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From my point of view, the 3 important points on SOPA, and your grade on them:

1) This will kill innovation in the US, hurting job growth.

2) This will not prevent rogue sites from operating on the internet, meaning we pay the cost of #1 without any real gain

   Not mentioned at all
3) There are good technical reasons why this is a bad idea

   Not mentioned at all.

What are the good technical reasons? Quick, give a canned 1min response ...See I thought so. There are good technical reasons but I would probably not mention this in a 3 minute tv interview where I couldn't expand

The good technical reasons are "Vint Cerf says so"

I should have stressed #2 but deliberately left out #3 because my audience was Bloomberg. I'm really keen on finding a great, honest analogy that we can tie this all together with.

0) The utter destruction of due process and freedom of speech (most of the bill of rights) with respect to the internet, which is rapidly becoming the dominant means of political and private discourse and business in the 21st century.

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