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Quite a grilling from the nice lady. As usual her facts were shaky, and this might be an important time to adopt more mainstream arguments. We're familiar with the nuances, but often miss the important points.

1) These laws will not prevent IP infringement. They might not even reduce it. They will definitely not increase profits.

2) These laws will hinder domestic innovation in software, but will not stop innovation - it will just happen elsewhere (probably China).

3) Enforcement of these laws is extrajudicial. If someone does not like something on a site, they can claim IP infringement and have the site removed without a trial. That isn't even prudent, never-mind upholding the ideals of Americans.

SOPA and PIPA won't help Hollywood, will cripple Silicon Valley, and will create a means of silencing unwanted speech. I can't see how anyone who understands the reality of the situation could support them. You might as well legislate sunny days and outlaw umbrellas.

I'm glad that you spoke for all of us in such a public manner. It takes nerve and resolve to stand in front of that camera.

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