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Isn't this just the small string optimization with copy on write?

No - instead of allocating memory on the heap for the C character array aka "string", Ruby is the text itself directly in the RString object.

These short strings would actually NOT have COW optimization because they're structs and cloning one would clone its embedded string as well (as there are no pointers involved in < 24 byte strings).

isn't that the definition of the small string optimization?

This is how the dinkumware implementation of std::string has behaved for years. The basic form of the structure is a buffer and a pointer. If the pointer is filled in, it points to a heap string and follows cow semantics. Otherwise, the buffer is used, accomplishing the small string optimization.

I suppose I should have elaborated more. It just feels like the OP is "discovering" the wheel.

Absolutely. Keep in mind that the OP is coming from a Ruby background and TFA targets people more familiar with high-level interpreted languages than with C/C++.

BTW, I think though I cannot be sure that both the GCC and MSVC std::string implementations use this optimization in release mode, but I gotta dash and don't have time to verify this fact, so take it with a grain of salt, if you will.

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