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Ask HN: What did you create in 2011?
26 points by mumm on Jan 4, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 37 comments
What side projects, apps, hacks did you build in 2011?

I created my first xbox 360 game, piniq. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/piniq/66acd000-77f...

In addition to client work...

* Created http://jspkg.com for hosting javascript packages. A sort of plugins.jquery alternative, except for all JS projects. This is still a very active work in progress that I've been working on for about 7 months now.

* Created the jquery dynatable plugin as a semantic HTML5 replacement for jquery datatables (http://jspkg.com/packages/dynatable).

* Rewrote basically the entirety of the rails/jquery-ujs adapter (kind of a creation, right?) that's now included in Rails (https://github.com/rails/jquery-ujs and https://rubygems.org/gems/jquery-rails).

* Rewrote the entire remotipart gem for ajax file uploads in rails (https://rubygems.org/gems/remotipart) (again, I'm assuming the rewrite counts, since it essentially became an entirely new project that happened to have the same goals as the original).

I also contributed to a lot of other open-source projects like the ruby carrierwave gem, citizenry, ruby sunspot (solr gem), ruby-git gem, and some others.

I consider these contributions to be pretty much on-par with things created, because whenever I want to create something, my first step is seeing if there may be some existing project that even comes close, to which I could contribute instead of starting something new for people to keep up with. So really the only difference between creating and contributing is whether or not I can find something of similar quality and purpose that already exists.

A handful of weekend and side projects:

* http://www.coachulous.com, a web app for triathlon coaches

* http://loanarranger.heroku.com, a visualization tool for mortgage/car/student loans

* Aspect Ratio Converter (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aspect-ratio-converter/id4776...), a calculator for resizing images, embedded video, and flash objects without screwing up the aspect ratio

* http://www.receiptparty.com, a service that stores and organizes your digital receipts

* http://realpersonreminders.com, telephone reminders from a real person

Got some apps into the Mac App Store. Such as...

Reddit Notifier (for your OS X menubar): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reddit-notifier/id468366517?m...

https://qrustom.com was a big project for me, https://gitorious.org/stattr was another, and http://test.mine.bz was something I contributed to. I also did https://gitorious.org/mmake , though I don't feel like I really finished it.

I also did a really stupid javascript library: https://gist.github.com/1138419

Hopefully 2012 will be even better!

I created http://onepix.me in about 3 months of 2011 I did the bulk of the coding on http://localbeer.me (find great beer, brewed locally) in 2011 I created http://imgonly.info - only the images from the Reddit home page in 2011 I also created several smaller failures, which were quite fun as well.

My plan for 2012 is to create revenue from one, or all of the above sites.

Built a simple site to visually search Kijiji (in Canada) and Craigslist (US and Canada) to help my wife look for baby stuff.


Built an app to help students at my college save money by finding a shared ride to the airport.


I made http://www.newsfeedy.com to provide context for trending topics at a glance. Born of my desire to know what breaking news/trends were, while being too lazy to google the Twitter trending topics.

Started writing (semi) regularly on my blog, http://tgriff3.tumblr.com - a big step after many stops and starts.

An email list! I interview startups which are hiring and email the interview to my list. Thinking about podcasting the interviews in the near future. http://startupfrontier.com

Also a visualization of US Foreign Aid using D3: http://www.euphonious-intuition.com/USForeignAidVis/

I created http://dudmail.com - a disposable email site that allows you to automatically forward emails, and permits attachments.

It's not been as much of a success as I was hoping (currently 1200 registered users, with quite a large number more of unregistered users), but it was a project that I started and finished =)

For 1200 users, many entrepreneurs would cut out and sell their kidneys.

Congratulations on shipping your project! I'd like to check it out, but seems down for the moment...

EDIT: It's live actually. Looks like a problem on my end.

yeah, don't get me wrong - I'm (sorta) happy with that, but I don't think they're 1200 real users.

You don't need to register to use 90% of the sites functionality, so most people probably never register.

But it's free to register, so of those that do, probably only 10% come back and use the site regularly. Certainly it only seems to translate to about 100-200 uniques a day.

I'm still getting about 2-10 registrations a day, so hopefully (given a long enough period of time) that number will go up.

The big problem at the moment though is that I've submitted to all the app directories that I could find. This made a huge difference in google page rank for "disposable email" (made it up to page two at one point). Now though, with no new links I'm slowly sinking (now down to page four).

Still a work in progress, and none outside of my fulltime job: FitBolt (fitbolt.com) - workday health & wellness platform. Gives you alerts/actions/notifications with posture corrections, exercises, stretching, health & nutrition tips. Currently have a web version, firefox & chrome plugin, and pokki (desktop) version

Created a fun book recommendation site for kids: http://bookoneer.com

I created http://www.adopt-a-cloud.com/ based on a half bakery idea (http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Adoptacloud_2eorg) using the Play framework.

I created http://goalstribe.com (democratizing group coaching) and UserLove http://userlove.net/products/5 (Get video testimonials from your users).

http://www.gemfury.com for hosting private Ruby Gems. I wanted a unified way to deploy software for another project and decided to use gems. First built it for myself, then figured it would benefit others.

Two that I like the most (although not exactly side projects):

http://getlocalne.ws (Global News Aggregator) and http://www.RapiDefs.com (Web 2.0 English Dictionary)

Wow, I live in a small town in Canada and it had a news feed. Nice. You might want to think about geolocating the user by IP address, and displaying their local news without having to select a city.

Thanks. The home page already has IP to geolocation to suggest country/city, using a free open db (so the city-level accuracy is not very high).

getlocalne.ws is a nice project. but it needs a facelift.

Thanks. We're still hard at work stabilising/optimising the back-end to handle the constantly growing (organic) load/traffic efficiently. With almost 65 million headlines archived so far, and about 250k fresh ones getting added daily, all this continues to be a bit of a battle here. :) We've planned to work on polishing the front-end etc. once the back-end is sorted out satisfactorily.

http://jekyllbootstrap.com - The quickest and most hassle-free way to get your new Jekyll powered website up and running. 100% compatible with GitHub pages.

http://20suggestions.com - Recommendations based on your tweets.

I created it to learn Ruby, Sinatra, JQuery, and web development in general. It was a fun little project.

I created BugMuncher - a feedback widget that allows users to create marked-up screenshots of website errors (like on Google +) - http://bugmuncher.com

Looks great, I might actually use this today. Also, nice theme... i'm using the exact same one for one of my projects.

Thanks! Hope you like it, and please let me know if you have any suggestions as I'm putting a lot more time into it this year.

You wouldn't believe how many sites I've seen using that theme, unfortunately it's arguably the best SaaS theme on themeforest, one of my goals this year is to get a new site deign.

My first solo project is called iKeepm. It's a service that allows you to track your personal assets for insurance purposes.


I built http://www.birthdaysudoku.com - sudoku puzzles customised to include a date of birth.

Created Gift Lizard (http://www.giftlizard.com) a tag based gift search/discovery site.

I made http://tweetcaddy.com a web-based tweet calendar scheduling software :)

I created a really cool Back-end-as-a-Service called iKnode. http://iknode.com

Bison Ballistics: http://bisonballistics.com

I created Snapmarks- http://sm.sidlabs.com

Oh I created Am I Beautiful too. Another iphone app just to help those women/girls who think they are not good at all and perform bad in their lives just because they think no one love them.


We created a context aware to-do/task list application. We make recommendations for each of user's tasks to help them get done quickly. Check us out at: http://diglig.com

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