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I have one of those terrible older 1366x768 TV's. This TV accepts input at 1080i and 1080p as well as 720p. What they don't usually tell you, is that some of these TV's will up convert a 720p signal to 1080 and then down convert it back to 1366x768. So you're actually better off with a higher resolution signal.

Luckily I can get 1360x768 though the VGA port but the TV only accepts HD resolutions over HDMI -- this is becoming more of a problem as many computers now come with only with D-DVI or HDMI ports.

The VGA port is analog, meaning the signal from the computer gets sampled to analog by your video card, then re-sampled to digital by your TV. This seems like a lousy compromise compared to a computer monitor connected to that same computer via DVI or HDMI.

It's only lousy if digital->analog->digital conversion itself is lousy -- and from everything I've read it's nearly impossible to see any difference.

My original intention was to connect the computer via a DVI-to-HDMI cable but with only HD resolutions available with no 1-to-1 pixel mapping this is a no-go.

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