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joeyh 839 days ago | link | parent

The first closeup, of Cincinatti is an odd choice because the Imus map does not color the river on the border blue. It was not clear to me that it showed the river at all.

The Chicago closeup has a confusing combination of a time zone line and dotted line. Still it is nice to have the time zone lines.

Paper maps are my favorite thing to put on the wall. My favorite right now is a map of the Appalachian trail. A tall, very narrow map, it cuts diagonally across the traditional map of eastern America, giving a very different perspective.

rvanniekerk 839 days ago | link

Joey, actually the blue line on the National Geographic map doesn't depict a river whatsoever, it's an arbitrary color for a state border.

Because the river actually IS the defining border for the state, on the Imus map the river is highlighted in blue underneath the dark-green that depicts a state border.

A much better design decision IMO.


joeyh 839 days ago | link

Oh, I had assumed the darker purple outer border on the Natgeo was the blue of the river. Wow, that's bad.


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