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I tried going to the author's site (https://imusgeographics.com/) to see what the map costs just out of curiosity, but at this point the site seems to be down due to exceeding its quota. Too bad.

I just emailed the author of the article (Seth Stevenson) to see if he would let the mapmaker know about his map being mentioned on Hacker News. Maybe we can get some contact info for those of us interested in purchasing the map. I know I would be interested in one.

According to the WayBack Machine, it wasn't available for sale on his site the last time it was updated in 2008 (however individual states are relatively cheap: $10 - $35 depending on quality).


The Google cache shows a laminated, rolled version of the America map for $39.95.

Google cached a PDF of a speech he gave entitled "Geographic literacy for all North Americans"


The site's down, but you can buy the folded version at Powell's Books for $12.95 here:


No luck on the wall hanging versions yet.

Below the article, one of the commenters (who claims to own the map) refers to its price as "under $12.95".

I Googled the URL and found a link to https://github.com/patdunlavey/imusgeographics.com Seems this gave me access to the entire site - from behind the scenes. If you go up one level you get the rest of Pat DunLaveys sites that he manages. Appears to be a lack in security and decisions.

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