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RSS Readers That You Can Self Host (rohanrd.xyz)
36 points by quaintdev on Dec 23, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Can I plug Haven: https://github.com/havenweb/haven here too?

It is a solid RSS reader, while also letting you publish privately. The plan is for this to expand into a social reader[1] soon!

[1]: https://indieweb.org/social_reader

I included these in the blog post with some more info.

No. I'm good.

Rss reader grabs stuff off remote server for local reading. Hosting a tool to grab hosted content is just... Inefficient overthinking of a tool made to make things simpler

If you wanna sync across multiple devices or something, have a checkpoint file or something and throw it on dropbox,one drive, Google drive, owncloud.

The future is duct-tape, bubble gum, paranoia and "it work on my machine"

Check Matcha, my own open-source daily digest RSS reader: https://github.com/piqoni/matcha

"Hosting" is as easy as executing the binary file. :)

You can read the feeds in any markdown reader (such as Obsidian) or Terminal.

I don't synchronize, or actually "self host" but I use a browser extension called feedbro and iOS app called Lire for RSS. Used to use newsbeuter/newboat for terminal, but I've moved a bit away from the terminal lifestyle

I use newsboat, a command line client that fetches the feeds and lets you read them. Does it need to be more complicated?

On a separate note, rss feeds that don’t show all content and only preview content are junk and shouldn’t be rss feeds.

I've been using CommaFeed for many years now, filled exactly the void Google Reader left behind for me.

I'm usign freshrss since more than 10 years, autoupdate. Perfect

I've been debating moving from TTRSS to FreshRSS, but I have a question: can you get a "group by feed" view when I'm viewing a whole category/folder? Also, is there any kind of auto-tag system? I like to be able to take "Ask HN" and "Show HN" to separate them from a bigger HN feed, and I'm not sure if I can do that in FreshRSS.


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