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Main R archives lost "packages" directory - don't copy to your mirror site (r-project.org)
37 points by zeratul 2216 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

There should be a ton of R packages to download here:


This change is propagating to the mirror websites. For some it might mean downtime with their statistical analysis.

EDIT: Actually, you can still get the packages source code here:


Binaries for mac os x are here:


But I don't know where to get the PDF documentation for the individual packages.

EDIT2: Google keeps cached PDFs, you can view them using Google docs pdf reader.

P.S. I've contacted Uwe, Kurt, and Stefan but probably they are already gone for the day.

The pdfs should be generated automatically when you install from source - or could be forced through a command line option (there were some changes to v 2.14, I don't recall them exactly)

Also most pdfs for R packages will show up in a google search somewhere.

This mirror does not auto-delete (as posted on r-devel):


I think we need a little more context?

I think the packages directory was removed?

what about disabling access to this archive until "packages" directory is restored, so it won't propagate to mirrors ?

My package got published today... I hope it's only correlated |-:

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