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Fiddling with NeXTSTEP (boyvanamstel.nl)
6 points by boyvanamstel on Dec 29, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

I had wanted to run OpenStep with VMware but sadly couldn't find the the CDs on eBay! I fell in love with NeXT back in the day but could never afford a machine -- a few years later my friend got me a slab, but I had to return it to him as my life was in meltdown during the dot.com meltdown. Here are my friend's notes in the slab: http://www.obsolyte.com/next/

If you liked the Xcode/Interface Builder similarities, Gene Backlin (he wrote a book on NeXT development in 1995 and a book on iPhone development in 2010) talk on it from last year's (2010) SecondConf talk: http://www.secondconf.com/videos/, "NeXT to X: A Trip Down Memory Lane".

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