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Fully agree with Amir.

Getting 40k free money is reason enough to love the program and tolerate any bureaucracy. I mean, thanks to SUP Chile I could avoid spending lots of time looking for angels. In fact, I found the angel willing to invest almost the exact date I was accepted in SUP Chile, but thanks to SUP Chile I could avoid giving away equity and retain control at such an early stage.

So, I can't understand the complaints about bureaucracy or simple requests to spend time telling other people how is it to be an entrepreneur.

Yes, there is bureacracy and yes, sometimes you don't want to spend any time doing anything besides making progress in your project (I can understand the guy not wanting to go out of his appartment mentioned below) But c'mon... what's to not like about this deal. It's amazing, and I can't wait to be succesful and give back in any way I can regardless of the "RVA points", and prove that the SUP Chile way (trusting a team of hungry entrepreneurs and enabling them early) is one of the best ways in which a govermnent can estimulate entrepreneurship.

Complacency made Latam what it is today. I'm sure SUP would love everyone to think that way: less hassle for them, no benefit for anyone (except for those who learn how to "make things happen" - aka "steal"), which (coincidently) had zero issues with the reimbursement process

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