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The scientific part is simple, its just a little maths.

The difficult part is to get 8 billion people to agree to pull in the same direction. And my guess is, that it will never happen, unfortunately.

Hey look, it worked when the Chinese government in the early 20th century switched to the Gregorian Calendar... Or did it? Paper calendars in China generally represent both Gregorian and Chinese calendar dates.

I'm going to assume when this new calendar is adopted, the chinese will then be able to buy three calendars in one.

It was done mainly by force and in a society that had almost no reading skills back then. The same methods are (thankfully) difficult to apply in the West today.

And it only "kinda" worked, because in the Chinese countryside, where most people live, 80 years later they still mainly use 农历, not the Western calender, despite all government stuff being done in Western calender dates. (I lived in China for some 6 years, just left the country yesterday, walking across the border to Vietnam).

I would tend to agree, but then we have things like DST shifting around all the time. The government just states they are making a change, and everyone does. Every software that isn't based on a network time server breaks, and is fixed, and we move on. The same could happen with this new calendar, the government simply mandates that by a certain year it has to be in place.

The largest burden will be on legacy software and getting that patched. That very well could be reason enough for the reversal of this calendar, as every government software breaks, and they find out how slow they are to keeping up with their own mandates.

I remember when I lived in Mexico some 12 years ago and the government introduced DST there. Some schools would actually start an hour later to sync their starting time with before-DST-time, people where complaing about being totally confused, etc. Don't know if there is still DST now or if they abandoned it because of the many (often totally irrational) protests. Its not easy to change people's habits.

The gov adapted to Y2K, so they know exactly what they need to fix.

The difference between adapting to Y2K and adapting to the HH calendar is minor. If the gov survived Y2K they would survive the HH-adoption.

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