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I am from 2010 pilot group with Vendder project. Most teams will agree the reimbursement process is broken, time-consuming and painful.

I dare everybody here to push forward a type of investment, loan or subsidy that provides you 40.000USD with so little effort from your part without asking any share of your company in return.

Once again, and for the entire web to read, Startup Chile is a governamental grant/subsidy and should be considered as should, even if they have a so energetic staff who shoot fancy videos and write enjoyable blog posts. If you consider this you see Startup Chile deal is much sweeter than most government initiatives everywhere else.

A person should not compare apples and oranges.

Is there a startup incubator/seed funding break down chart? It would really highlight some of the differences that all of these programs have- when starts up more or less (we did) blindly enter


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