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I came from the same country as Herval (Brazil) and I am flying to Chile on the 4th of January. Myself and my partner are working hard on bootstrapping our 2nd company for the last 1 1/2 year. We are very fortunate to have landed big contracts in Brazil this year. We will keep a commercial operation in Brazil. I can point out wonderful reasons to do business in Brazil: - Very large market, 200M people - Booming consumer market - Internet penetration, 70M - Mobile phone penetration, > 200M - Engaged social media users - Beautiful woman and beaches ;-) - More VC capital than in Chile .But there are several restraints here: - Highest interest rate in the world (11% year, in practice more than 28%) vs 3,5% in Chile - One of the worst countries in the world to employ people, according to Employing Worker Index Brazil ranks at 120th position vs 69th for Chile - Nothing similar to SUP in Brazil - One of highest taxes in the world totalizing 35% of GDP vs 18% in Chile - Very corrupted - There are in Brazil a few serious, honest and friendly venture capitalists, but Brazil is also crowded with crippled VC´s, angel investors that never invested in anything (whenever you meet one, ask them what were their last 3 investments).

(for a complete comparison look at http://www.heritage.org) So, reading Herval post I got concerned but, what he describes is pretty much what we have 'for lunch' in Brazil everyday. Sounds to me like a shallow analysis. I can live with those issues, those seems to be like micro issues that can be, at some point, fixed. What I would like to hear from the author or from someone else is if, compared to Brazil, Chile is a good place to set up a business that targets LATAM? How do those incredible better economic indicators (again, when compared to Brazil) impact your business and your life in the LONG-TERM? Did you think about the long term perspective of having your headquarters in Brazil vs Chile?

For brazilians in specific, there's a big plus for being on SUP: being "international" automatically doubles your perceived value in our dear xenophile country.

Although sny incubator would do the trick - even having a friend in Palo Alto and use his home address as "headquarters"

The ironic truth... ;)

Xenophile for sure! ;-) . Anyway I am thankful that you and others are shouting aloud your thoughts. Perhaps the program improves and people adjust their perspectives as a result.

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