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I don't think it's a spoiled brat mentality. It's the difference between what Startup Chile appears to be and what it is. The pitch is it's a 40k grant. The reality is it's a 40k credit and anyone who doesn't really understand latin american bureaucracy doesn't know what they're getting into. I live in Argentina and deal with mind-numbing bureaucracy every day and I have warned some people to be careful before they accept... that said, i'm on the advisory board of one startup attending the next class and i think it's a huge opportunity for them because one of the founders is a "yankee" living in Argentina and he knows what they're getting into.

i'd be careful in extrapolating too much here. the cultural differences between argentina and chile are significant. for example, on the index of economic freedom, chile ranks 11 (just 2 below the usa at 9) while argentina is 138. similarly, on the corruption expectation index, chile ranks 22 (slightly above the usa at 24) while argentina is 100. those are huge differences - please don't tar chile with argentina's problems.

http://www.heritage.org/index/Ranking http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2011/results/#CountryResults

except that what the OP writes is what i experience anytime i want to pay for something with my SRL, renew my DNI, etc.... the cultural differences are of course vast, but in terms of government bureaucracy - they are strikingly similar.

Yeah, but Argentina's a lot more lively. :-) I'd definitely do my startup there if my goal were anything that could be described by the words "lifestyle business" or "work-life balance". Come to think of it, that is my goal. See you in Buenos Aires.

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