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Show HN: AI Avatar Image Generator Based on Other AI Images (alterego-ai.com)
5 points by ssmaameri 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite
An AI Avatar image generator that creates images of you based on other AI created images.

The popularity of the recent AI Avatar image generator apps sparked some interest of mine in the area.

After playing around with a few AI Avatar image generators, some of which generate pictures of you based on pictures you upload and prompts you write, I thought, wouldn't it be much easier, instead of writing out prompts, to just select another image which you want your generated image to be based on.

The image the user selects is actually another AI generated image, so we know the prompt used to generate it. So prompt writing is abstracted away from the user, and instead they can search for images and click on ones they like.

Backend of the application currently uses Astria AI for the image model training and generation, and uses the Lexica API for getting lists of AI generated images and their prompts.

Applications are open for YC Winter 2024

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