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Show HN: Complete catalog of data connectors and ETL providers (connectorcatalog.com)
9 points by alorentz90 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
My team built this free open-source catalog that allows anyone to search through any data connector/source. There's a list of ETL providers for each so your analytics and BI projects can be as comprehensive as possible.


I'm one the builder of this catalog!

What is exciting is that the database behind it is open source: https://github.com/whalyapp/connector-catalog-data

This way, we can ensure that the catalog stay fresh as the work to maintain it is on the vendors side that have an incentive to push updates of their catalog.

It also ensure complete transparency of how the catalog is being built.

The tech behind it is a Next.js app that is statically generating the website from the catalog data to ensure a good SEO capacity.

The end goal is to offer a central place where the community (vendors + users) can exchange the current capabilities of the connector market.

Next steps are: - Add the capability for customers to provide comments / feedbacks on connectors that they tried / used - Add more info on the Vendors pages (which destinations they support to write data, pricing info)

Tell us what you think!

Have you seen https://www.moderndatastack.xyz/?

On this page: https://whaly.io/product/mission

It's says pairs well with Airbyte, but right above that you say Whaly handles ETL. Those two seem to conflict, do you use Airbyte for the ETL?

Finally, one place to find all ETL providers by source!

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