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Is anyone aware of a directory of all the js libraries cropping up? If not, shouldn't we crowdsource one?

What I would do for JSAN to be all it could have been :-/

One of the things I found building up the PlaceSteal magical library was I needed an actual build/compilation step for turning the various external Javascript libraries I had in to one that would happily go through the Google compiler.

This included a whole bunch of hand-added patches for - for example - moving object-key specification in to one of dot notation or []notation. There were also a bunch of random patches to make things do what I wanted them to do, that didn't seem to be easily done via subclassing or poking around on the insides.

I'm pretty worried about the consequences when I have to upgrade one of the constituent libraries.

I've been working on one as I've got something of a hobby of "collecting" JS libraries - http://resjs.com

It's JSON powered similar to microjs.com (a great site, just not all inclusive) and I've still just got some work to go in terms of adding all the data I've got collected. If there's any interest, I could throw it up on Github and accept contributions to the data.

(One thing that may not be clear at this stage is that each lib will be tagged by license, dependencies, link to source code and/or documentation depending on availablility and have a short description)

Would love any general feedback too.

What is it with these giant fonts? Why the useless scrolling when you could fit three times the information on one screen? I see this nonsense all over the place...

The select box almost gave me a heart attack when I opened it.

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