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Three-Year-Old Valve Tech Blows Meta’s VR Out of the Water (ifixit.com)
35 points by rc00 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

I still don't know why meta didn't just buy VRchat, it's been superior to anything Meta has put out for years..

VRChat is way too much of the wild west for Meta to want to purchase it. Some of the avatars and worlds remind me of the old school internet. Meta would never touch it unless it was cleaned up heavily, which would destroy VRChat because the only thing it has going for it is it's open nature.

Yup, pretty much. VRChat is like Tumblr pre-Yahoo days. If you clean up the R-Rated aspect of it, you'll just have post-Yahoo Tumblr. Meta really wants their verse to be a family/advertiser friendly space, but such a world really doesn't interest the majority when compared to meatspace.

You can actually make adult only rooms in Horizons now. I don't think full nudity is allowed yet but they do seem to grasp that human interaction isn't all glossy and family friendly.

Thats not the point, being allowed access to VR chat as an unlimited source made people free, clicking a button saying i consent to adult content as a solution for someone whoever never got laid. fucking autsism If I want to bang girls with cat ears in vr chat? No zuck involved, hes retarded to think that not what this is for?

Article explains a lot about repairability by third parties, but nothing about the VR experience differences

Funny (if I agreed with the author) because Oculus' was developed at Valve in the first place and they got it for free. Oculus's demo for Z was actually at Valve.

Whatever your position on various companies or products this is not an intelligent comparison by someone who knows or cares about VR or the VR market. There's almost no information at all in fact.


Being more easily disassembled does not equate to one product’s tech blowing a competitors out of the water.

The website posting this is ifixit. They have a DIY repair focus, so I don't think it's overly clickbaity. It's assumed that that's the context by which they are saying the product is superior.

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