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Are you somehow saying that a band is in some way equivalent to a book?

A songwriter and a novelist are both instances of artists. Such is my point: there are more levels of entry for writers nowadays.

Songs are just emotional, they don't transfer any information.

Several bands I listen to weave complex narratives into their music. Similarly, several novelists I read transfer very little information through their novels. Your statement is not entirely accurate.

You can absorb ideas by reading that you cannot by watching movies.

Of course! But you must remember that the opposite is true as well. Movies can convey things that books can't possibly attempt to show. The same with music, for that matter.

Movies run at their own pace, books run at your pace.

Of course. But that's irrelevant to my argument, which is that the book is no longer the only place to which writers flock. If you're young and want to write, a novel isn't the only thing you can write anymore. Just as people with ideas for scenes sometimes write movie scripts now rather than plays. A friend of mine is like that: I write play scripts, he writes movie scripts. If movies didn't exist, he might have become a playwright instead. Similarly, somebody who would have been a blogger 5 years ago might subsist entirely on Twitter or even Facebook Notes now.

I would also mention the TV show as a counterpoint to what you said, wherein episodes become almost chapters. You can either watch slowly, once a week, or you can watch it in massive doses when the DVD comes out. I just watched Twin Peaks like that last week.

It's NOT easier to make a movie. A movie is a masive logistical effort

I never said it was easier, I said it was an option. And it's easier for movies to convey certain types of information.

Forming bands is just a trendy thing, but most bands I know produce silly music. They say banal things.

Look at Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields as a perfect example of somebody who uses the lyric to greatest advantage. But either way, that's not my point. People who want to write nowadays very often write lyrics. I'd say more write lyrics nowadays than write novels, or poetry. That means that the pool of poets and novelists is less, because people have more venues to follow through.

Writing is still the backbone of human thought. In whatever form it comes - the well thought out written word will always accompany human civilisation.

Of course. I never said it wasn't, or that it wouldn't. But words appear in multiple mediums. David Foster Wallace said in interviews that he thought the best-written thing of this last decade was The Wire. I think the best-written thing I've read was either Achewood, which is a comic, or House of Leaves, which borders on visual art. Things branch out, and that's the point I wanted to make.

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