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>I have an iPod Touch that I can not update to iOS 5. I fail to see how the competition is faring so much better. Apple maybe has it the easiest with their limited selection of devices, but even they can't support old hardware indefinitely.

No-one expects indefinite support. The problem is that the Galaxy S was released only 16 months ago, and is still available in some countries. And the Galaxy Tab is only 13 months old, and is also still being sold.

The comparable situation from the competitors would be if the iPhone 4 couldn't be upgraded to iOS 5.0.

In reality, Apple is still supporting the iPhone 3GS (released a whopping 30 months ago) and the third-gen iPod Touch (released 27 months ago, discontinued 15 months ago). Apple has never stopped supporting a mobile product they're still selling, or even one they've sold sometime in the past year.

Is it really a big problem that the Galaxy S can not be updated to ICS? It is still a perfectly working phone. Most users are probably not even aware that there are newer versions of Android. And why should they care?

They should care about security updates, for one.

Are they not getting any? That seems to be an entirely different issue.

How are the manufacturers distributing security updates, if not by updating the firmware? AFAIK they don't, correct me if I'm wrong.

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