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I wrote a 30+ page guide/book called Building iOS Apps From Scratch a few months ago, here's a link if anyone is interested. http://designthencode.com/scratch/

This is a fantastic guide - I've updated the post to include it. Thanks!

Your design tutorials look awesome, I will be picking them up. Do you have any recommendations for similar books, blogs, etc, that focus on low-level technique for creating user interface elements for iOS? I really like your technique of using layer styles, etc, and have always wondered what are some other tricks of the trade are ways to create realistic UI elements. (I am proficient in Photoshop as a tool, but not really proficient in applying it to the end of creating UI elements.)

Thanks! There really aren't many, which was a key reason why I put some together. There are lots of free PSD sites, but obviously they don't include any instructional material. However they are great to poke through to see how things are constructed so I'd recommend heading to Dribbble and 365psd and poke around for some free PSDs. They're great to learn from.

Awesome, thanks. Is that generally the main way you learned in addition to just playing around? Any other tips for a newb?

Wanted to spell out "Thanks" for the share, look forward to going through your site.

Hi Mike, I am actually halfway through your guide right now. It is awesome. Just wanted you to know that your effort is much appreciated.

Will be picking up Texture soon. Thanks again.

That's a fantastic guide. Thanks, Mike!

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